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You'll find we work a little differently from other public relations agencies to gain you media communications publicity...a little more, inventively.

A good public relations story, is a good public relations story after all. Creating it from what you do is half the fun.

We tailor our public relations strategy to suit relevant desired publications, maximising your public communications advantage, by utilising an uncanny knack at constructing relevant, gripping story angles.
  • We tailor our public relations strategy to suit you and what you need to achieve.
  • We seriously understand great story angles and how to write and deliver them.
It's not just outside the box thinking.
To publicise you through successful media communications and public relations - we've left the box out of the equation altogether!
We do creative public relations for you.
Not only landing you a bit of healthy free publicity on a regular basis...

  • We find publicity angles inside your company and know where and how to place them.
  • We write your story and deliver it to get people buzzing about you.
There's a misunderstood difference between public relations and publicity. A fundamental, often overlooked and sadly misunderstood, difference. If your serious about embracing marketing...think seriously about the difference between public relations and publicity.

SOME PEOPLE THINK public relations is more effective than advertising. If you market correctly, we think and know through experience, public relations is definitely an essential, fascinating part of a much larger integrated marketing communications picture.

You may ask what's the real difference between advertising, marketing and public relations?
  • Put simply, public relations and publicity is getting other people to share what's great about you, for you, instead of delivering it yourself through advertising
  • Public relations in strategic places, with the right story, can be even more effective than advertising!
  • You might be unaware of how cost effective useful publicity can be
  • Publicity reaches huge audiences, who make sales!
  • The media does the sales work for you!!
  • Public relations and publicity adds to credibility, respect, branding and commands loads of positive attention and interest
  • It places you in the mind and eye of the consumer
  • Public relations, done correctly, is awesome for launching a new product or announcing new, exciting changes and events to your business or product range
  • It's not only free publicity. It's a real buzz..
"If advertising is the hammer, then public relations is the nails."  David Ogilvy.

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christopher copywriter
Connecting People to your Business.

Public relations copywriting lands you publicity in the media! We hunt for public relations stories and copywrite angles especially suited to your brands direction. christopher copywriter has an extra-special creative knack of empathising with your company, finding and delivering media spots perfect for your public relations and publicity growth. Writing public relations angles is a verbally, visually and socially creative business. The psychology behind your brands positive reception is crucial to your company's ongoing success!


Ask christopher copywriter about strategising and copywriting a six month long-haul public relations campaign and experience the profits for yourself! christopher copywriter will work out a win/win deal specifically tailored to your company! Copywriting positive PR and media buzz can help your brand explode out of sight over night! christopher copywriter highly recommends the added value of PR for your companies brand and sales - hire our copywriting to grab publicity for you today!

What recent clients are saying...

"Professional. Reliable. Experienced. Massively Creative. Knows his sh*t. Media Guru and pretty nice bloke."

Mattae K. Cooper, CEO | Designer 

"Brand Communications agency, christopher copywriter, is highly professional, excellent value and time-line driven. The agency is built on honesty, integrity and trust. Our client base has increased 300% in twelve months and we are pleased to recommend him to future clients."

Andrew Woodhouse, President. Australian Heritage Institute Inc. Sydney.

Magazine and news editors, online and in print are jumping to publish relevant stories on the things you do every day and possibly take for granted.

  • You need to let them know about you using the right methods.
  • It's a special skill to write and deliver a strong back story for your company or business public relations
  • If people know you because of this, you get far deeper and more powerful conversion rates.
  • It's another skill again to find unique and effective avenues to place you in effective media communications publicity.
  • A good public relations story, is a good public relations story, after all.
  • Creatively inventing and writing the story angle and how we know how to place it, is our company secret, it's what we do and can do very well.



"The world needs to know about you... It's simply good business practice."

christopher copywriter
STOP surfing the net, e-mail us now. Let's talk. We're certain to get you FREE journalistic publicity in relevant publications NOW! You can sit back and relax, while new business flows in after publication hits the streets.
"You're crazy baby if you don't, because journalistic media coverage sells and sells fast!"


A cost effective solution.
  • A simple media release sent to the right people, about the right thing, can give you the credibility and extra sales, your work deserves.
  • A targeted media release can cost less than you think.
  • Public relations and publicity can be cheaper than advertising.
  • It seriously shouldn't be over looked.
  • Let us understand your business to find your most viable public relations media communications angles.